The HKSAR Government Enlisted Code Free Soft as Recognized Contractor in SOA-QPS5

January 31 ,2022

Since 2005, The HKSAR Government has adopted the Standing Offer Agreement for Quality Professional Services (SOA-QPS) scheme to streamline the procurement process for IT professional services. Recognized contractors are invited to submit proposals for projects raised by different government departments for consideration.

With years of experience working in government projects, Code Free Soft was awarded the SOA-QPS5 contract by the HKSAR Government in 2022.

Starting from Jan 31 2022 and lasting 48 months, our company will take part in government projects worth over 3 billions HK dollars in total, as a recognized contractor specializing in two categories:

  • Category A Minor Group (pre-implementation, programme/project management services, ongoing services, implementation & combined system development services)
  • Category C Minor Group (deployment and maintenance of common services)

Companies in private business or public sectors desiring to employ professional services of the same quality recognized by the government, are welcome to contact us.

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