Are these challenges familiar?

  • Business processes are constantly updating, the existing system cannot keep up with the changes. Meanwhile the cost to update the system is huge
  • A lot of paperwork and repeated administrative tasks
  • Canned software is not capable of handling daily operations
  • Unable to effectively assess employee productivity (KPI)
  • Developed system cannot fulfill the actual needs of users
  • Lacking an effective communication channel among staff

  • We are here to help!
Integrated with web and the mobile app, our platform allows user to handle daily operations at the same time communicating with each other, thus significantly improves efficiency. Through various reports and charts, users can assess the progress and the effectiveness.



Digitalization Effortlessly

    Through our simple graphical interface, users can build forms or systems that suit their needs and make their office paperless.

Generate Mobile App Version At The Same Time With A Click

    Once the web version forms or systems is done, user can just press the "Mobile" button to convert forms or systems that are accessible in the mobile app. Users can work anywhere via PC or smart phones.

Dynamic Workflow Settings

    Set up your workflow using different states that suit your needs. Besides using grades or user groups for setting the approvers of the next state, user can also choose other users or observers.

Cloud Convenience

    Through the cloud, a user can access to our platform via the registered email, without spending a lot of time setting up the network.

Instant Messenger

    Unlike other ordinary instant messaging software with text, image, and voice message capabilities, our IM can be used for form submission, sending and receiving files, and viewing staff info etc.

Auto Notifications

    When there is a new to-do, our platform will automatically send out mobile or email notifications to make sure user can handle it effectively.

Tailored Reports

    User can set up reports tailored to their interests. These reports can be exported as Excel spreadsheets for further processing.

Various Graphs And Charts Available

    Graphs & Charts present data effectively. Users can, through our platform, produce bar charts, line charts and pie charts, and view them directly on PC or mobile device.

Multiple Logins

    For some SME owners, they may have more than one company. Our platform allows users to set up one or more emails, and login to multiple accounts on the mobile apps, making management a lot easier.

Default Independent Developing Environment

    Different from other platforms, DragOnce emphasizes the independence of different working environments: "Developing" and "Production" environments. Users can add "Testing" environments when necessary. This ensures creating, testing or modifying of systems will not interrupt the systems in use.

Backup & Restore

    User can choose to backup the existing forms or systems before modifying. Backup contents include data submitted by end users. When issue arises in the new version, it can be restored to the backed up version. This minimizes the impact.

User Usage Log

    With the built-in logging capabilities, behaviors of personnel who have created forms or systems can be audited. In case there is a problem, user can find out the the cause of the problem.
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