DragOnce for Education

Strengthening Communications for the Betterment of Learning

Betterment of Learning

Betterment of Learning

Enhance the sense of belonging to your school

Enhance the sense of belonging to your school

Release latest updates instantly

Distribute circular

Release latest updates instantly

Release latest updates instantly

Facilitate communication between school and parents

Facilitate communication between school and parents

Teacher - Student: Interactive Learning Experiences

Teachers can set up different chat groups on their own and utilize “discussion” function to allow students to conduct group discussion or ask questions inside or outside classroom. Discussion details can be bookmarked for later reference. Teachers can easily create polls on mobile devices. Results can be viewed on mobile devices, which allows teachers to evaluate students’ learning progress easily.

School - Teacher: Enhancing Sense of Belongings and Internal Communications

Using smart phones and PCs, principals and teachers can participate in discussions and strengthen ties with each other. Different users can be organized into different user groups in the Admin Portal such that users can communicate with persons-in-charge effectively. Schools are able to easily design forms with workflows on our platform, such as leave application forms and reimbursement forms. These forms can be used on both PCs and mobile devices.

School - Parent: Boosting Understandings with School Updates & Bilateral Communications

Schools can release information in text, image, or any types of file format. Message content will indicate whether parents have read the message or not, making it much more efficient compared to SMS. Chat room administrators can determine the communication of the chat room to be one-way or two-way, facilitating the school administration. Parents can easily express opinions to school.

Login Without Phone Numbers

Registering with email address, system administrators can add users to the contact list without using phone numbers of users, which protects users’ personal privacy. Users are not required to register individually, saving the time of registration.

Instant Messaging

Users can send texts, images, videos, voice messages and files (e.g.Word, Spreadsheet, PPT, PDF and etc). All the files sent and received are stored in “Media Folder” for easier reference. After the users have read a message, they will be marked in the chat room.


Admin can distribute circulars and users can return electronic reply slips with easy, It is suitable for various organizations and education institutes.


Users can set up the questions and answer options inside a chat room such that others can vote immediately. After closing the poll, the initiator can choose to release the results.

Message Board "Discussion"

Users can simply enter a discussion topic and attach files and/or hyperlinks to create a "discussion" inside a chat room. Other chat room members can engage by commenting, replying and showing their support for the discussion.

To-Do List or Bookmark

Users can bookmark messages to keep important information, or add messages to the to-do list. On the To-do list page, users can set the item as ‘Uncompleted' or ‘Completed'.

Announcement Chat Room

In an announcement chat room, teachers can conduct two-way communications with all parents, but parents are not able to view replies from other parents, avoiding unnecessary conflicts.

Quote Messages

Users can quote messages in a chat room to facilitate communication.

Tag Users

Users can tag other users in a chat room. The message would be noticeable to the tagged users.

Users and Groups Management

System Administrators are able to create user accounts for all teachers and students and add them to different user groups. Users can create chat rooms by themselves using the contact list.

File Management

System administrators can upload any types of files to allow users to download. For example, school calendar, school regulations, codes for using facilities and etc.

TLS Encryption Technology

Messages are transmitted with TLS(Transport Layer Security) encryption technology. Compared to the traditional SSL technology, it is a more effective way to prevent data leakage.

DragOnce Platform

Through DragOnce Web Development Platform, system administrators are able to build forms in our systems with approval processes, such as leave application forms and reimbursement forms to be used on mobile devices.

Web and Mobile Compatible

Users can login on mobile devices or via web at their convenience. Communication data and information will be synchronized across all platforms.

Mute Mode

Users can mute certain or all chat rooms based on their preferences, which ensures they are not bothered in their daily life.

Simple Management Portal

After logging in the Admin Panel, system administrators can manage user groups and members, share files to all users, and set up user groups ; or import user accounts from Excel spreadsheets, saving the time to input one by one.


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