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The fruitful demonstration of No-code Bootcamp and Hackathon 2023 in HKCCF

Last Saturday in HKCCF 2023 (26 Aug 2023), it marked the conclusion of an exciting journey as we wrapped up the No-Code Development BootCamp and Hackathon 2023. Over the summer, 50 participants from diverse backgrounds unleashed their creativity and passion by designing projects that centered around this year’s theme of safety monitoring, green innovation and other areas, all while making use of our no-code DragOnce platform.

Our comprehensive program included an array of workshops, ranging from system design and UI prototyping to presentation skills. Additionally, we facilitated specialized training sessions to familiarize participants with our no-code platform, DragOnce.

No-Code Development BootCamp and Hackathon 2023

Six outstanding teams emerged as finalists to present their ideas at the HKCCF Hong Kong Computer & Communications Festival 2023 last Saturday. We extend our deepest gratitude to each team for their dedication and remarkable no-code solutions:

1. Yacht Booking Management Platform (Others)

This platform can streamline the yacht booking process, allowing users to make reservations without hassle by checking real-time yacht booking options. Boat captains can also easily manage reservations.

2. Industrial Building Management System (Safety)

This system is used by landlords to manage rental records, by contractors to address complaints and report working progress, and by property administrators to create complaints.

3. Engineering Management System (Safety)

This system can minimize paperwork for on-site contractors by allowing them to monitor the safety of their working environment using electronic forms (e-forms).

4. Heat Stress Prevention Management System (Safety)

This system is used to remind on-site contractors to raise awareness about heat stress prevention.

5. Building Complaints Management System (Others)

This system is an online compliant platform for property administrators and maintenance staff to manage complaints by tenants (such as facility maintenance issues) and maintain relationships between property administrators and tenants efficiently.

6. Green Recycling Awards System (Green Innovation)

This system is used to incentivize recycling by allowing individuals to collect points through recycling and redeem awards. Additionally, it can serve as an educational tool to inform people about proper recycling practices.

Please join us in congratulating the Green Recycling Awards System team for the Most Innovative Award, the Engineering Management System team for the Most Transformative Award, and the Industrial Building Management System team for the Most Voted Team Award!

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants and guests who contributed to the success of the No-Code App Development BootCamp and Hackathon 2023.


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